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National Seniors Australia

We are a  not-for-profit membership based organisation assisting the over 50s community by providing economic and social benefits; representing views to Government at all levels; and making donations to charitable institutions

National Seniors was established by a group of visionary Queenslanders in 1976. Now, almost 35 years on, with 280,000 members, 160 branches, 70 employees and an office in every state, it is the consumer lobby for older Australians and the fourth largest organisation of its type in the world.

Providing unrivalled access to policy-makers, a raft of commercial benefits, world-class research and top-notch publications, National Seniors is everything the over-50s need to navigate the second half of their lives.

Current chairman, ensures the organisation stays true to its roots by giving older Australians – working and retired - a strong national voice. Chief executive, leads a new guard of seniors: the baby boomers who are already redefining what it means to grow old.

Six million Australians, or 40 percent of the voting population, are over 50. They join National Seniors for a single voice and to be part of something bigger.

National Seniors Australia has locally based branches all over australia.


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